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slay you silly

Slap You Silly - Hot Sauce 10 oz Bottle

Finally a hot sauce that's big on flavor with the Tongue tingling heat! Our hot sauce is so versatile that you'll wanna use it on everything from eggs & chicken wings to tacos and burgers. If this doesn't become your favorite hot sauce, someone should slap you silly!

$6.75 Each

Sofa King

Slap You Silly - Sofa King Hot Sauce

This sauce uses the earthy flavor of jalokias along with fruity habaneros, cavenne and anchos, blended with tomatoes and spices to let the chilis shine thru a taste experience you wont forget! USE CAUTON!

$6.75 Each


Slap You Silly - Widowmaker Hot Sauce

This tantalizing blend combines habanero, cayenne, ancho and smoky chipotle peppers along with a sweet honey chaser for a truly unique taste! what this sauce does to wings and chili is probably illegal in some states!

$6.75 Each

Slap You Silly - OMG

This sauce uses pure habaneros and capsicum extract to blow you away!! this will make you forget all your problems!

$7.50 Each

Slap You Silly - Peaches and Scream

A blend of peaches,Ghost and habanero peppers,cane sugar and other natural flavors-hauntingly delicious! Heat range 7

$7.50 Each