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Slap You Silly


Slap You Silly User Friendly Habanero Hot Sauce
Sofa King Hot Sauce
Widow Maker Hot Sauce
O.M.G!! Hot Sauce
Peaches & Scream Hot Sauce_
Bar-B-Que Sauce
Sweet & Sassy Banana Pepper Mustard


I’d been a true “Chile-head” for about 30 years when I decided to launch Slap You Silly Hot Sauce Company back  in 2006.  


I was so bored with most hot sauces on the market.  Everyone was just trying to outdo each other by making their sauces hotter and hotter.  My original hot sauce is called “User-Friendly”  - my delicious blend of Real Habanero Peppers, Fresh Onions, Fresh Carrots, Red Bell Peppers and Spices gives you lots of great flavor with  the perfect amount of Tongue Tingling Heat! 

All of my sauces contain only the finest 100% all natural ingredients, and never any preservatives.  I come up with my recipes in my own kitchen from hundreds of varieties of peppers grown in my garden, and taste test them with  my friends. Once one of my recipes are friend approved, I add it to my line up.  My Slap You Silly Hot Sauces have a great range of heat and flavor profiles, so try them all out to find your personal favorite.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Bill "The Big Pepper" White


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