Slap You Silly
"User-Friendly" Habanero
Hot Sauce

This is the hot sauce that started it all! 

Your quest for the most enjoyable, flavorful and useable hot sauce
has ended! This hot sauce has the perfect amount of Tongue Tingling Heat!

My delicious blend of Real Habanero Peppers, Fresh Onions, Fresh Carrots, Red Bell Peppers and Spices will have you addicted after the first bite!  I designed Slap You Silly User-Friendly  to be the only hot sauce you’ll ever need!  Trust me when I tell you that you’ll want to use it on virtually everything!  Because the heat is very user-friendly, it won’t overpower your food like some of the more painful hot sauces do.  
Slap You Silly is great on Burgers, Eggs, Tacos, Pizza, Sandwiches and even on Veggies!  My sauce is also great to use in your favorite recipe to spice up your Chili or even give a little kick to your Marinara Sauce.
However you choose it….you’ll always wanna use it!

​Heat Profile: 2

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Slap You Silly
Sofa King
Hot Sauce

So one fall day, I was justing laying on the couch after a long day harvesting
the last take of peppers from my garden, wondering what to do with all those wonderful peppers.  This year, I had tons of ghost, cayennes, and anchos.  
And to top it off, I had more tomatoes than I knew what to do.  So, whats a
couch potato to do?  Make up another Slap You Silly Hot Sauce flavor named
Sofa King, of course.

This Slap You Silly Hot Sauce combines the earthy flavor of the jolokias and  the fruity  flavors of the habaneros, cayennes, and anchos. Then I blend in the ripest tomatoes and my special secret spices to let the chiles shine through with a taste experience you won't forget!

CAUTION! It's Sofa King Hot!

Heat Profile: 5

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Slap You Silly
Widow Maker
Hot Sauce

The idea for Widow Maker came from my desire for a sauce with a flavor
profile like no other sauce. I was tired of sauces based mainly with vinegar
and salt. After lots of test batches and some tweaking, I have what I think you will find one of the tastiest sauces you've ever had! 

This tantalizing blend combines habanero, cayenne, ancho and smoky chipotle peppers along with a sweet honey chaser for a truly unique taste!

What this hot sauce does to wings and chili is probably illegal in most  states!

Heat Profile: 7
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Slap You Silly
Hot Sauce

All of my extreme Pepper Head friends kept giving me grief that I
didn't have a hot sauce in my lineup that was over the top hot.  As the experiments continued the first words of the samplers were "OH MY GOD"  O.M.G., they were all so right and the sauce had a name!

Oh My God, this hot sauce I invented is so crazy hot, I had to bottle it with its own wick!  

Caution: Do not light this at home!

This hot sauce uses pure habaneros and capsicum extract with some garlic
and spices to completely blow you away!  

This Slap You Silly Hot Sauce will make you forget all of
your problems!

Heat Profile: 10+

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Slap You Silly
Peaches & Screams
Hot Sauce

The idea for Peaches & Screams sprang to life when a huge hot sauce fan and fellow Pepper Head traded me a bushel basket of sweet
Georgia peaches for some of my famous Slap You Silly hot sauces. 

After one too many peach pies, I decided to mix up some of those
peaches with a combination of ghost peppers and habaneros to
balance the sweet taste of the the peach with the heat  of the peppers to make an all new spookily good  Slap You Silly Hot Sauce!  Fantastic on fish tacos, adds a wonderful touch to teriyaki chicken wings-possibilities are endless!

This newest Slap You Silly Hot Sauce is  a little sweet, kinda scary, and screaming good!

Heat Profile: 7

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Slap You Silly
Sweet and Sassy
​Banana Pepper Mustard

The idea for Sweet and Sassy came up after I grew way too many banana peppers one season.  What to do with them all?   It was driving me bananas.  After slapping some of those banana peppers on a great ham sammy with a drizzle of mustard,  I came up with the idea for a great new mustard sauce. 

This insanely sweet and tangy mustard sauce with a great banana pepper base has limitless uses.  Fantastic with pork, chicken, brats and burgers!  Try it as a marinade or brush it on as a finishing sauce.  Fantastic with warm pretzels.

Heat Profile: 1

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Slap You Silly

Nothing beats a great summer day like Queing on a nice low and slow  old school smoker.  Whether its ribs, pork shoulder for pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, or even a turkey, serving it with Slap You Silly BBQ sauce will put it over the top. I've been using this sauce exclusively for over 25 years and after lots of requests I decided to share it with you!

It's a Kansas City style tomato-based sauce with all natural ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup. Sweet and slightly tangy.  It's truly the only sauce you'll ever need.

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