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Peaches & Screams Hot Sauce

Peaches & Screams Hot Sauce


The idea for Peaches & Screams sprang to life when a huge hot sauce fan and fellow Pepper Head traded me a bushel basket of sweet Georgia peaches for some of my famous Slap You Silly hot sauces. 


After one too many peach pies, I decided to mix up some of those

peaches with a combination of ghost peppers and habaneros to

balance the sweet taste of the the peach with the heat  of the peppers to make an all new spookily good  Slap You Silly Hot Sauce!  Fantastic on fish tacos, adds a wonderful touch to teriyaki chicken wings-possibilities are endless!


This newest Slap You Silly Hot Sauce is  a little sweet, kinda scary, and screaming good!


Heat Profile: 7 out of 10


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